Monday, January 31, 2011

Are You Taking Your Calcium Supplement Properly?

If you take a calcium supplement on an empty stomach, then you may risk the chance of it not being absorbed into your system.  Always try to take it with meals for maximum effectiveness!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Try Using Ginger for Nausea!

Did you know that Ginger can help settle a mildly upset stomach?  This wonderful spice can also help treat nausea related to motion sickness, pregnancy, and chemotherapy.  Another plus besides adding flavor to your food is that it can work to reduce inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Run Out of Night Cream--Try This!

If you happen to find that you ran out of your favorite night cream, I have a solution for you until you can shop for more.  Go to your pantry and grab your can of vegetable shortening.  Less than a teaspoon will be more than enough to save that pretty face of yours!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Three Great Giveaways at Nuts 4 Stuff!

If you haven't checked my other blog, then you need to if you like to enter giveaways. Check these three out because some wonderful stuff from beauty products to food in this current batch are up for grabs. 

L'uvalla Certified Organic Skin Care Product Giveaway--This is limited to United States residents only.    Prize:  L'uvalla Orange Toner ($29.99).   Ends February 14, 2011.

The Cream Perfume Company Giveaway--This is limited to the residents of the United States and Canada.  Prize:  The winner's choice of any fragrance product on their website!  Ends February 10, 2011.

The Gorton's Seafood January Grilled Giveaway--Actually, there are two separate  giveaways from Gorton's for United States residents from prizes of an X Box Console with Kinect ($300 value) plus free grilled fish coupons.   Five winners will receive two free grilled Gorton's fish coupons each in the Nuts 4 Stuff giveaway.  Hurry though because both giveaways end January 31, 2011.  

Thursday, January 27, 2011

What Causes Less Damage to Hair--Blow Dryer or Towel-Drying?

The debate is on which method causes the least damage to hair.  If you are the type that prefers to towel-dry you can be too rough and end up tangling it.  However, if you remember to just gently blot your wet hair instead of using a vigorous rub, your hair will be spared from damage. 

Now, on the other hand, you might be tempted to use a high heat too long when using your blow dryer.  As a result, hair can suffer damage and frizz.  So be careful and remember to be kind to your hair regardless of the method you choose!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Want a Secret for Eating Less?

 If you're trying to lose weight without taking any harmful drugs, you could always try this natural remedy--ground red pepper!  It is an antioxidant.  When you sprinkle red pepper on your food, you tend to eat less according to certain experts!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


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Monday, January 24, 2011

Run Out of Gentle Detergent for Your Delicate Washables?

For those times when you just forgot to restock that detergent for your delicate garments, you don't have to worry.  Shampoo will solve that problem and clean that item with care.  Just add a small dollop to some cold water and rub gently.  Rinse thoroughly and lay flat to dry.  Your garment will be just as tenderly treated only with a substitute cleaner! 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Want to Be Happier? Try This!

Something as simple as adding foods rich in omega-3s like salmon, sardines, and herring can help give you a sunnier outlook.  According to one research study, it also curbs impulsiveness.  Now you have no excuse!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Favorite Homemade Moisturizing Facial Mask

If you want a wonderful facial mask for dry skin and don't want to spend a fortune just check your kitchen.   All you need for one great mask is an overripe banana. Crush it well with a fork until it is mushy.  Apply this mixture to your freshly washed face.  Leave this banana mixture on your face for at least ten minutes and then wash away.  Your skin will feel better and be naturally moisturized at the same time!